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Tasting Platter To-Go
Tasting Platter To-Go
Tasting Platter To-Go

Tasting Platter To-Go


A delicious selection of flavors that serves 6-10 guests.

Please allow 1-day notice for pick up

Flavors Include:

  • Pink Lemonade: Pink Champagne with Lemon Mousse and Raspberry Preserve
  • Marble Eclair: Marbled Cake with Pastry Cream and Ganache
  • Lemonberry: Lemon Cake with Raspberry Mousse and Preserve
  • Pink Bavarian: Pink Champagne with Bavarian Cream
  • Red Velvet: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese
  • Carrot: Carrot (no nuts, no raisins) with Cream Cheese
  • Pink Swirl: Pink Champagne marbled with Chocolate; with White Chocolate Mousse 
  • Orange Creamsicle: Orange with Orange Mousse
  • White Lemon: Vanilla with Lemon Mousse and Preserve
  • Chocolate Raspberry: Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Preserve