Vanilla Strawberry Petite Cake

Vanilla Strawberry Petite Cake

Sale price$8.75

Looking for a sweet and fruity cake that's perfect for any celebration? Look no further than our Vanilla Strawberry Petite Cake! This delicious cake is packed with flavor and sure to impress even the most discerning dessert lover.

Here's what makes our Vanilla Blackberry Petite Cake special:

  • Rich and creamy vanilla cake, filled with Strawberry Mousse and Preserve
  • A petite size, perfect for intimate celebrations or just a sweet treat for one
  • A beautiful design, with a charming mix of purple and white frosting
  • A delicious combination of sweet and tangy flavors, sure to satisfy any sweet tooth
  • Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion

So why wait? Treat yourself (or someone you love) to a Vanilla Strawberry Petite Cake today! With its mouth-watering flavor and charming design, it's the perfect dessert for any celebration.