On Filipino-American Month

On Filipino-American Month

Celebrate #FilipinoAmericanMonth with a heartwarming journey of resilience and love in the world of baking. Discover Lolo Tinong's legacy, a true inspiration spanning generations, crafting not just bread but a legacy of integrity, trust, and passion. 🇵🇭🥖🍰 #LegacyOfLove
It's October, and as we kick off #FilipinoAmericanMonth, I'm filled with gratitude for the enduring legacy of my grand uncle, Faustino Villo, lovingly known as Lolo Tinong. 🇵🇭🇺🇸❤️

Lolo Tinong's story embodies the Filipino spirit of resilience, hard work, and generosity, and I'm truly honored to be a part of this remarkable lineage of bakers who not only rose from poverty but also infused their creations with heart and soul.

At the tender age of 13, Lolo Tinong began his journey in the world of #baking, learning the ropes as a bakery apprentice. When World War II ended, he harnessed the rations from the Americans and ingeniously crafted a makeshift oven from fuel cans, giving birth to Tinong’s Bakery. This humble beginning continues to thrive in various forms in Cebu, Guam, and the US.

Lolo Tinong was a kind and generous soul. He rescued my mother, his niece, from a life of limited opportunities as an uneducated farm girl. He not only funded her education but also imparted the invaluable skill of baking and managing a large bakery operation.

Through his unwavering support and encouragement, Lolo Tinong paved the way for four generations of our family to transcend poverty and spread sweetness throughout the world. His legacy shines brightly with integrity, trustworthiness, and love, woven into every creation we make.

During a recent visit to Cebu, I had the pleasure of stopping by one of our cousin’s bakeries adorned with Lolo Tinong's face and name. The delectable bread instantly transported me back to my childhood. Growing up in a bustling bakery compound in the city was both overwhelming and heartwarming. Those memories are forever etched with the aroma of fresh-baked pan de sal and the love of our grand uncle, the patriarch of our family.

While the bakery presented its complexities and challenges for our family, it was also the crucible where I learned the values of hard work, creative expression, and resilience. It became the catalyst for our family's journey to Guam, eventually leading us to become proud US citizens.

My sister, Mary Ann and I have been in business for 25 years and through the ups and downs of owning and managing a retail and wholesale specialty bakery, our passion has not faded. #CelebrityGourmetVentures stands as a testament to Lolo Tinong's unwavering tenacity and we gratefully celebrate his life, his legacy, and his unyielding dedication and passion for the baking industry. 🥖🍰🧡 #FilipinoAmericanMonth #LegacyOfLove #BakingWithHeart