Opulent Romance Trend

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At Celebrity Cake Studio, we research top wedding trends and create trend stories that are perfect for Pacific Northwest weddings. We invite you to look through the trends we have curated and the wedding cake designs we created for each story. 

Opulent Romance Cake Designs

Cakes for this trend are grand and elegant. Both fresh and gum paste flowers adorn these cakes and touches of glamour are added with shimmering finishes, intricate piping details and textures that sparkle. Cake displays become a focal point and are styled with fresh flowers, flowing fabrics and romantic candles. 

All wedding cakes are custom, made to order. The designs shown can be ordered as they appear or adjusted to meet your unique desires, servings and budget. We also love to collaborate on original designs. Schedule a tasting with one of our cake consultants to bring your wedding cake vision to life. 

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