Spring Lemonberry Cake

Spring Lemonberry Cake

Sale price$89.00
Size:8" (12-16 servings)

Get ready for a burst of sunshine in every bite with Celebrity Cake Studio's Spring Lemonberry Cake. This delightful creation is a harmonious blend of zesty lemons and juicy berries, creating a refreshing masterpiece that embodies the essence of spring.

Why Choose Our Lemonberry Cake:

šŸ‹ Zesty Citrus Twist: Experience the invigorating zest of fresh lemons combined with the sweetness of handpicked berries.

šŸŒž Visual Delight: Adorned with edible artistry, our cake is a feast for the eyes, capturing the vibrant colors of spring.
šŸ° Tailored Elegance: Every celebration is unique. Our Lemonberry Cake can be customized to suit your preferences, ensuring a personalized touch to your special moments.

Celebrate the season with a burst of citrusy joy and berrylicious sweetness! Order Celebrity Cake Studio's Spring Lemonberry Cake now.

"Because every slice is a taste of spring ā€“ savor the moments!" šŸŒ¼