Butterflies and Daisies Tea Cakes (9 pack) - Celebrity Cake Studio

Butterflies & Daisies Tea Cakes (9 pack)

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Delight in our exquisite Butterflies & Daisies Tea Cakes. Three heavenly flavors, each chocolate-dipped, promise a moment of pure bliss and indulgence.

Savor raspberry's tang, lemon's zest, and vanilla's comfort. These bite-sized treasures elevate both special occasions and everyday moments into unforgettable experiences.

Share joy across distances. Ordering through the Dragonfly Cakes® website lets you send these delectable treats with direct shipping, connecting hearts with every sweet bite.


*Made-to-order, 1-3 days lead time

**Celebrity Cake Studio strives to create stunning and
delicious cakes for every occasion. As each cake is decorated with fresh ingredients, colors and accents can vary slightly from the original reference. Should you have any questions, our friendly staff is always here to assist you!